From some we've helped.... (Names omitted/changed)

"Ma'am, this dog has been the friend we've both always needed each other. He's been locked in cages all of his life, I've been locked in trauma most of my life. When I traveled across this country to meet this rescue dog I saw on the internet, he attacks everyone but me. I knew he was the one. I love this guy. He trusts me and I trust him. Thank you for footing his veterinary bills and other ladies were also instrumentary for introducing me to Boom. I was a lonely US Army veteran now I am a vet with a friend. And Boom is loving his new life under free skies. Thank you for my friend, ma'am."

"Words cannot express what your kindness means to me. It restores my faith there are still compassionate people in this world. Pook is my sole companion now that my spouse has died. Without her, I would be lost. Please accept this money to help repay what your organization paid to have her teeth cleaned and the abscesses pulled. I will continue to send money when I can afford it. God bless you." 


"In November, my veterinarian contacted you regarding my papillon who needed surgery to remove her eye. I had been unemployed for 7 months, and I could not afford the $800 surgery, and I knew she was in pain, so I made arrangements for her to be euthanized. To my surprise and delight, two hours before her appointment, my vet contacted me, informing me that Great Plains SPCA would perform the surgery at a reduced cost, and further, that you, Friends of KC Animals, had agreed to cover my dog's surgery. I cannot express enough gratitude to your wonderful organization for saving the life of my beloved dog. She is the pride of my life, my best friend, my sunshine. Thank you so very much for coming to her rescue and saving her life. I would so much rather have a little dog with one less eye than no girl at all! I have since found employment, and would like to pay it forward by returning the money you paid for the surgery so you may be able to help another pet and owner in need. Enclosed you will find a check. I will also set up an automatic monthly donation to your organization so that perhaps one less person will have to endure the pain and grief of losing their beloved pet. Your kindness and consideration are appreicated beyond what words can say. A simple "Thank You" will never suffice. Please know that the work this charity does not only changes lives, but also saves them. This act of kindness touched my heart profoundly, and I thank you most sincerely." 

"Hi! My name is Nicole, and I spoke with FoKCA about my four month old Shepherd/Westie Parvo puppy, Zeus. (I am a low-income collage student who wasn't aniticipating the expense of Parvo treatment for my dog, so I reached out for help). The woman I spoke with said they would front the money for me to take him to KC Pet Project to receive critical care as I was about to put him down due to lack of funds for hospitalization. He's back home and doing so well now! So first of all, I want to say thank you (FoKCA) so much. He's my little buddy and I was devastated thinking of putting him down. Secondly, I made my first donation to you today to repay the favor and will continue to make them when I get money in! Again, thank you thank you thank you. I was packing him up to take him to my farm to put him down when I received a call from you guys and you've saved his life. THANK YOU."  

"I wanted to thank you and Friends of KC Animals again for all of the assistance you provided Jackie-O (and me) during her illness and transition over the Rainbow Bridge. We went to Great Plains SPCA on August 5th and they were wonderful, very gentle and kind. She was very well taken care of by them. I found out later that evening, talking to my sister, that August 5th was the 2nd anniversary of our Mother's death. So, it was a fitting day - My Mom was there to help deliver her when she was born and I was there at the time of her passing, and Mom was there to greet her in Heaven. Thank you so much. Your organization gave me so much help and peace during a time in my life when everything seemed so overwhelming and difficult. You gave me strength and courage, and more importantly, helped me take the best care possible of a wonderful, loving cat who deserved the best. Thanks to you, she received that. God bless you all!" 

I have a male pit bull and a female pit bull at home and had not gotten either fixed as I thought I was capable of keeping them separate during fertility. Wow was that a mistake. Especially since I had an accidental/irresponsible pregnancy a year ago- This second time around, my female, Raven, was unable to deliver the puppies and I was unable to pay for the emergency c-section she needed to save her life. (She couldn't deliver and was becoming toxic from the meconium filled placenta that broke). I laid on the dirty vet floor crying my eyes out with my dog. She was in pain and was going to die and I couldn't do anything for her. 

I was then given the news that Friends of KC Animals was willing to help me pay the portion for surgery that I was unable to, and that they'd spay her while in surgery. It was unimaginable to me that strangers would do such a kind thing so my dog would not die. Raven and one puppy made it through and I honestly could never express in full my gratitude for this organization helping when they didn't have to! I made arrangements to repay them so they can continue to help others. 

I encourage people to learn from my mistake and spay or neuter your animals, as there are so many pets who need to be adopted. Also, if you love your pet, then don't put them in the situation that my precious Raven was in by my irresponsible actions. I also encourage everyone to donate- even if it's $5 or more- so Friends of KC Animals can continue to help animals in need. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MIGHT BE YOUR PET NEEDING HELP, OR ONE BELONGING TO A FRIEND WITH LIMITED RESOURCES. 

These people at Friends of KC Animals are extremely kind and angels in my eyes. If you need assistance in getting your animal spayed or neutered, please contact them for help, instead of allowing more animals to be born that may likely die in shelters. 
I thank you for reading my story and pray that it makes each of you think of the right and responsible thing to do.  



The Friends of KC Animals Board and Advisors: 

Britton Hunter, Hope Westergom, Bev Mettlen, Jim Bowers, Gail Miskew