Helped small dog, "Rusty," get leg repaired after larger dog attacked him. Owner could not afford surgery money up front. Also got Rusty neutered!

Spayed American Bulldog, "Felony," whose owner initially planned to breed the dog, but changed his mind after considering the consequences and impact for homeless pets in the area.

Networked lost American Pit Bull Terrier puppy through social mediate to help reunite the dog with owner, while also getting him neutered in the process. 

Found lost De Soto, KS dog, "Cooper," through social networking to help reunite him with his family.

Helped owner get help at Great Plains SPCA for three senior pets who were suffering from hip and skin problems.

Paid for two dogs (a Shih Tzu and Pit Bull) hit by cars (from two different incidents) to be examined and treated at FMA Animal Hospital. 

Found foster for German Shepherd, whose owner had to move to California and couldn't take dog with him.

Found adopter for "Charlie," a yellow Lab, whose family was too busy to give the dog the life they knew he deserved.

Found temporary housing for American Bulldog, "Nyla," whose owner will be hospitalized for 90 days, but wanted to reunite with her dog.

Euthanized suffering cat who was experiencing kidney failure. We rescued the cat months ago after she was abandoned in a parking lot in northern Kansas City. She had a loving foster home for her remaining time. We are so sorry we couldn't help her this time too.

Humanely euthanized senior, rat terrier dog,"Precious," who was suffering for months, at Coronado Animal Hospital. The owner, in tears, wanted to peacefully end his beloved pet's agony, but did not have the money to do so.

Spayed one year old, Boxer mix "AJ" since owner could not afford the service.

Helped owner of three Great Pyranese dogs get care at Great Plains SPCA - Shots, skin issues on one dog, hip problems on two. "Bear" "Baby" "Harley"

Fixed hip on cat, "Fluffy"

Contributed to care of dog, "Imogene", at MU Veterinary Services.

Spayed and helped reunite small terrier mix, "Trixie," with owner.

Assisted in getting vet care for two cats, "AJ" and "Jewel," whose owner is unemployed.

Helped reunite pit-mix, "Kei," with owner in KCMO.

Contributed to care at Jackson County Animal Clinic for cat, "Oscar," hit and badly injured by car.

Got much-needed dental care from mobile vet, Dr. Knapper, for Shih Tzu dog, "Alemwah."


Contributed to care for dog, "Calibur," to have emergency diagnostics and surgery to address severe, life-threatening blockage in the dog's intestine.

Helped reunite owner with his lost dog at Wayside Waifs.

Paid to get dog, "Sharpie," seen by a dermatologist since dog suffers from serious skin issues.

Paid for stray dog, "King," to be examined at North Oak Animal Hospital. Dog with fractured leg was found by good samaritans who needed help to get him seen, but are keeping him now. 

Helped disabled man get his dog (attacked by two strays in KCK) extensive surgery and stitches to repair severe gash in leg, and neutered at same time, at Great Plains SPCA.

Got cat treated for severe bladder infection at Bannister Veterinary Clinic since owner was unable to front the initial charge for treatment.

Contributed to eye care for five-month-old, rescued Chihuahua, "Violet," that was suffering excessive water behind the eye.

Euthanized senior, very loved, but seriously ill American Pit Bull Terrier that was facing various medical challenges at Bannister Veterinary Clinic. The owner/family no longer wanted their sweet dog to suffer in agony.  

Euthanized senior, very loved, Great Pyreneese mix, "Harley," to end his suffering per owner's request, at Great Plains SPCA. The owner, devastated by his beloved dog's suffering, no longer wanted his dog to be in pain.

Contributed to diagnostics for loved American Pit Bull Terrier who started having seizures so we could figure out if the problem was epilepsy or something else. Family was in a terrrible car accident yielding a totalled car and the father losing his job from an injury sustained in the wreck.

Paid for follow up visit for rescued dog, "King" - Meds and anti inflammatories. 

Neutered, microchipped and got antibiotics for dog "Tank," that was missing for a month and finally showed up at the KCMO shelter. Dog's front leg showed signed of a possible dog fight (puncture wounds).

Got tiny puppy examined at Arbor Creek Veterinary since dog was exhibiting signs of neurological trauma.

Neutered and examined "Trident," a three-legged cat found with a missing lower leg.

Paid to humanely euthanize a 19 YEAR OLD Daschund at Great Plains SPCA. Family bread-winner suffered a stroke and they've struggled financially ever since. They didn't want their boy to suffer anymore (lost eye sight, can't control urination, lost significant weight, tumors etc.)

Paid to get puppy treated with Parvo virus at KC Pet Project. 

Contributed to Boarder Collie's Parvo treatment at KC Pet Project and neuters this dog, "Duke."  

Contributed to vet care at Blue Pearl for cat, "Oliver," that was badly injured by car, and picked up by a good samaritan.

Paid to get stray cat, "WC Fields," with bad eye, abnormal nose and lesions on feet to be examined, neutered, vaccinated and treated with meds at FMA Animal Hospital.

Paid for cat, "Alex," with open wound, to be examined and treated. The possible bite wound was bad: Torn in two spots with muscle exposed. Vet sutured it up, gave antibiotic injection for infection and flushed it out. We also combo tested him and it was negative!! Alex was living in a rough trailer court where he had been TNRd previously, but he went in the trap yesterday and lucky for him he did!! Hoping he ends up being tame and can go to a rescue or home after he heals. 

Got German Shepherd "Cochise" treatment at Great Plains SPCA for skin allergies. Owner suffered a broken leg from a horse falling on him four months ago and hasn't been able to work.

Paid to get necropsy done at MU on little puppy that was locked in a crate and left to die in KCMO. Dog was found dead, lying in feces and frozen. Puppy died from starvation and dehydration. 


Paid for dental work and spay for rescued Yorkshire Terrier, "Izzy," that was discarded from a puppy mill once she was no longer "attracted to the male."  

Euthanized two dogs, "Bear" and "Baby"- We worked with owner to try and treat their ailments, but the dogs didn't improve and he didn't want them to suffer any longer. 

Contributed to leg amputation for dog "Moose" at Banfield.

Had Schnauzer mama that just had two pups examined at Independence Animal Hospital.

Paid for Mama and kittens to be spayed/neutered in Olathe, KS area. Volunteer Dianna trapped the feral mama cat so we could alter and vaccinate once the cat gave birth. 

Paid for five feral cats to get feral cat packages at Great Plains SPCA, including spay/neuters, vaccinations and eartips. Volunteer Cara trapped these KCKS cats.

Got Beagle/Basset mix "Moe" examined at Independence Animal Hospital due to ear issues. Moe's owner was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and a good friend took the dog in while owner is in hospital, but couldn't afford the needed care. 

Attempted to treat male Daschund "Codey" for diabetes at Blue Pearl, but due to severity of illness and extensive cost and treatment, are left with euthanasia of dog to peacefully end his suffering. 

Contributed to emergency dental surgery at Blue Pearl for five year old Cairn Terrier dog "Bonny" to remove abcessed tooth. 

Spayed Lab mix "Blackie" with prolapsed uterus at Bannister Veterinary Clinic for woman on disability who couldn't afford the entire balance for her dog.

Got cat "Poppy" examined and tested. Family rescued cat from a Craigslist "free cat" post, but cat has illness and will eventually succumb to it. 

Contributed to ear tumor removal surgery at Crest Animal Hospital for Chihuahua mix "Peanut" since widowed mom on social security couldn't afford the entire amount due up front to help the dog.

Contributed to help spayed American Pit Bull Terrier in KCMO at Independence Animal Hospital that was hit by a car. 

Paid for stray cat, "Elvis," found with neck bite and hurt paw to be neutered, vaccinated, combo tested and treated with meds, at FMA Animal Hospital.

Paid for emergency exam and treatment for extremely weak cat with puncture wound on head, severely ingrown toenail, matted hair and extremely low body temperature that collapsed at the door of a church. Unfortunately, after hours of intensive care, "Moses," succumbed to his ailments and passed. 

Spayed two cats that may have gotten pregant (only a couple of days ago) and a neutered a male cat for a woman who found the cats, but was willing to keep them as long as they were fixed and vaccinated, at STOPP Animal Clinic. Cats now named Max, Ebony & Tennessee.

Helped keep two dogs out of the KCMO shelter by boarding "Bruiser" and "Brutus" for nine days while pet-friendly housing was secured. The whole family is now reunited for good!

Spayed, vaccinated and helped find home for this stray dog in KC area.


Examined and x-rayed dog "Perry." Dog's splints on the two broken legs aren't healing and require surgery.

Spayed two cats for family who couldn't afford to get it done. 

Attempted to help feral cat "Sammy" with a severe ear infection and get him neutered, but he tested positive for FeLV and FIV. Vet thought we should euthanize since the feral cat's condition would continue to deteriorate, and we didn't want him to suffer.

Spayed Basenji/Terrier mix "Missy" since owner couldn't afford it. 


Helped unemployed woman with no transportation get her spayed Tabby cat "Sarabi" examined at FMA Animal Hospital since the cat was urinating blood. It was determined the cat has crystals, so is on a special diet until her two week check-up. Hoping the crystals dissolve so that surgery to remove them isn't required.

Contributed to spay seven-year-old Bassett Hound "Moira" since owner cannot afford the total cost up front.

Paid for Tabby cat "Ralph" to be examined at Great Plains SPCA. Ralph recently lost a lot of weight and owner is unemployed and unable to afford an exam.

Contributed to KC Pet Project foster dog's eye surgery. Shar-Pei/Shepherd mix "Melba" had entropion, an abnormality of the eyelid, and was in desperate need of help. 

Contributed to dental work and extractions at STOPP for five year old Daschund "Jessie" saved off of Craigslist. 

Treated "Samuel" a Bull Mastiff puppy for Parvo at KC Pet Project since single mother of three didn't have the entire funds up front to pay to treat her son's new dog.

Got KCK stray (but friendly) cat "Big Boy" neutered, vaccinated and treated for facial lacerations at Great Plains SPCA. Good samaritans befriended the cat a while ago and saw he was attacked by something overnight. Couldn't afford treatment for their friend due to being unemployed. 

Contributed to leg amputation for dog "Dora." Owner volunteers at an animal facility up north and couldn't afford the fees to help her dog up front. 

Helped Beagle/Terrier mix "Nitai" with broken leg at VCA Wellborn in KCKS. Dog got hit by a truck while on a jog with her owner.

Covered spay, vaccinations and deworming for stray cat "Snowshoe" at Great Plains SPCA.

Paid for Poodle "Barrack" to have eye surgery and dental work done for unemployed woman who could not afford the necessary services.
Contributed to eye surgery for KCMO foster dog "Crobie."

Paid for KCMO pit mix "Memphis" to be tested and to have surgery at Jackson Animal Hospital to remove mass in groin area. 

Got two cats into Great Plains SPCA that otherwise would have gone to kill shelter in north KC.

Paid for KCMO dog "Mayella" to have dental cleaning and extractions at Amity Woods. She is up for adoption at KC Pet Project and her teeth were so bad that we felt it was a serious deterrence to her being adopted. 

Got skin scrape for Boster Terrier "Harlow" at Kennedy's in Raytown.

Paid for four dogs to be spayed/neutered at Independence Animal Hospital. Owner was going to give away at least two of the dogs on Craigslist because she couldn't afford to fix and vaccinate them. Now she's able to keep all four dogs.

Helped get two dogs out of KCMO shelter, managed by KC Pet Project.

Contributed to care for Britney Spaniel "Moppy" with hurt paw, at Plaza Animal Hospital. Owner is on social security and disability.

A good samaritan tried time and again to rescue a neighbor's dog "Mister" that was chained outside 24/7 with a massive tumor on his leg. The owner finally surrendered the dog to this nice person. FoKCA paid to have the dog (and this mass) examined. We also paid for vaccinations, neuter and treatment.

Jack Russell Terrier "Gottie" was hit by car. Elderly, disabled owner without transportation had no means to get dog to the vet, let alone pay the fees up front. Friends at Spay & Neuter KC picked up the dog and transported him to FMA Animal Hospital. FoKCA paid for vet to do an exam, x-rays, give fluids, and pain meds to the dog. Dog had excessive swelling of air under the skin which the vet aspirated as well. We found a nice volunteer to return dog to owner and Gotti is doing just fine now.

Neutered and helped reunite cat taken into KCMO shelter with owner.

Contributed to dog's care at FMA Animal Hospital. Dog "Juice" had a rectal prolapse and needed neuter/surgery to save his life.

Helped reunite two recently adopted and neutered Pits with their new owner. They got lose and were found by a good samaritan who contacted us. We started networking them through social media and one of our friends at KC Pet Project recognized the dogs and knew who the owner was. They were happily reunited.

Paid to humanely euthanize a feral cat that was trapped and tested positive for feline leukemia, which is highly contagious to other cats. She wasn't in good condition and likely would have suffered tremendously before soon passing.

FoKCA was contacted by a woman who was struggling tremendously for caring for her two Pits. As a result, she attempted to surrender them to the KCMO shelter, but KC Pet Project (managing the shelter) told her to contact us for help instead. We are paying to vaccinate these two already-neutered dogs for a reduced fee thanks to Spay & Neuter KC, and will pay to get the heart worm positive dogs treated. And, thanks to Great Plains SPCA, she'll receive a second very-needed dog house, monthly food assistance and heartworm preventative. 

FoKCA neuter will neuter dog at Great Plains SPCA for woman who lost her home and is experiencing financial hardship. Daughter left "Bentley" with her and she wants to get him fixed, but can't afford it.

Two American Pit Bull mixed dogs escaped the house through an open front door and the owner cannot afford to vaccinate and neuter the dogs. To avoid "Lady" and "Bear" being added to the KCMO shelter system, FoKCA is stepping up to contribute for the surgeries and shots. 

Spayed/neutered and vaccinated cats stray cats that good samartian caught, "Junior" and "Phoebe," at Spay & Neuter KC. 


Paid for Leukemia testing on two homeless cats before they (hopefully) go to new homes. 

Neutered and vaccinated Boxer/American Bulldog "Duke" since owner couldn't afford to fix the dog.

Contributed to care for KCKS St. Bernard "Sasha," going to rescue in Nebraska that needed heartworm test, all vaccinations a spay and help with an eye infection. Treatment done at Jackson County Animal Hospital.

Paid for dog adopted pit bull "Fen" to get muscle relaxer and other meds for a slipped disc in his neck.

Paid for Yellow Lab, owned by a homeless man, to get medical attention at FMA Animal Hospital, but the dog ended up needing euthanasia.

Paid for stray cat with skinned and infected tail (actually had maggots in it) to get a tail amputation and spay at Crain Veterinary Center in Grain Valley, MO.

Paid for five week old KCMO kitten in foster care to be euthanized at the recommendation of a veterinarian at Great Plains SPCA. The kitten had multiple breaks and issues and was in really poor condition. Both Great Plains SPCA and KC Pet Project made the determination that euthanasia was in order.

Vaccinated, neutered and heartworm tested Boxer/American Bulldog mix "Duke" at Great Plains SPCA. 

Heartworm tested black lab "Sophie."

Paid for Chihuahua "Crook" to have both eyes removed, due to a very severe injury the dog sustained then the dog fell onto the tile floor.

Got FIV tests for two stray cats at Great Plains SPCA.

Got x-rays at FMA Animal Hospital for Puggle "Cricket" with possible broken foot - No break which was great!

Got cat "Lee Lu" neutered (and helped with respiratory infection after being in the shelter) so he could be returned to owner from KCMO shelter.

Paid for exam and x-rays for St. Bernard "Cyrus" that was hit by a car. 

Neutered Boxer mix "Diesiel" so he could be reunited with owner from KCMO shelter.

Helped Bichon Frise "MD" get treated for eye discharge and ear wax at Fairway Animal Hospital since owner couldn't afford entire fee up front.

Contributed to electrician's fee to get electirical problem fixed at KC Pet Project's Zona Rosa location.

Spayed/neutered two stray cats at Great Plains SPCA. 

Spayed Shepherd mix "Luci" at Great Plains SPCA. 

Paid for abandoned dog "Spike" to getleg splint at Blue Pearl in Overland Park. Dog was left in someone's backyard and these nice people are going to keep the dog, but needed help treating him. 

Neutered and vaccinated stray cat, found by volunteer Kim T.

Euthanized 11 year old Pomeranian mix at Grandview Animal Hospital, thought to be suffering from congestive heart failure.

Got blood panel and fecal done at Jackson County Animal Hospital for dog "Sugar" since she was experiencing seizures/neurological issues.

Reunites KCMO "pit bull" with owner. 

Spayed and vaccinated dog "Jayden" at Harrisonville Animal Clinic. 

X-rays for Belton, MO dog "Tank."

Paid to help reunite very sweet KCMO "pit bull" hit by a car (after his other dog friend opened the gate), with owner who could not afford entire surgery fee up front.

Vetted homeless dog "Nyla" before she went to rescue in Nebraska.

Got x-rays for dog "Fen" before he went to new owner. 

Spayed/neuters five cats/kittens at Great Plains SPCA.

Spayed semi-feral cat "Agnes" at FMA Animal Hospital. Aggie had a serious diaphragmatic hernia, back in January, so we treated that and was finally able to spay her.

Spayed young cat "Lola" who was abandoned in the winter, but picked up by a good samaritan.

Got heartworm treatment for neutered dog "Riley" in order to prevent him from being surrendered to the shelter since the owner couldn't afford the medical care. 


Amputated leg on dog "Hunter" after he was shot by a neighbor. Owner couldn't afford entire expense up front.


Treated cat that swallowed a plastic bag. Owner is on disability and couldn't afford the care to save the cat's life.

Spayed and vaccinated two Golden Retriever/Lab puppies who were surrendered by someone who planned to shoot them unless someone took them. Dogs are now at home, still as a pair, with their loving new Mom!!

Amputated stray cat's leg after good samaritan foudn the cat and saw the leg had been crushed. 

Euthanized Raytown, MO cat "Dizzy" who had feline leukemia. Her health had deteriorated beyond repair. 

Spayed kitten "Lola."

Paid for American Pit Bull Terrier puppy "Blue" to get Parvo treatment at KC Pet Project.

Euthanized cat that was in horrible shape after he got either attacked by another animal or hit by a car. The cat was suffering immensely and couldn't be helped so we opted for euthanasia. Will be neutering owner's dog at Spay & Neuter KC too.

Paid for cat with Urinary Tract Infection to be seen at Banfield since owner is in collections and couldn't get care for the cat. 

Contributed to "Cupid" the Chihuahua's heartworm treatment and neutered him in the process since owner had not been able to afford it.

Paid for Beagle hit by car and saved by a good samaritan (who happens to be a decorated and disabled Iraq War veteren) to go to Blue Pearl Lee's Summit for treatment. "Buster" had five fractured ribs, a lot of air under the skin and internal bleeding, but has healed. His hero adopted him and Buster is doing well! : )

We were notified about a person pleading for help online whose dog had been kicked in the leg and injured by a deer several days ago. (There are a TON of deer in this rural North Kansas City neighborhood). After reaching out to the owner, we found out the dog was no longer eating and had started breathing more heavily, which was concerning. The dog's owners are destitute and couldn't afford even a vet visit for their dog let along treatment to help the deep laceration. We sent the dog to the Animal Emergency Center and the dog's wound was cleaned and sutured, and he went home with anitbiotics to prevent infection. 

Spayed and vaccinated stray Shepherd mix "Amber" for woman and daughter who decided to take in dog and give her a good home, but couldn't afford the vetting. 

Spayed/neutered, vaccinated and heart worm tested five stray dogs in Independence, MO, taken in by a good samaritan who could no longer care for them. One of the dogs was "Annie" (pictured below). All were covered in fleas and ticks, and missing hair because of it. Sweet, senior Annie was the only one without a foster or rescue. Our friend Cam took her and said she'd hang on to her until a home was found. Our board member Katie, (who arranged for everything for all of these dogs, and does the same for hundreds of other dogs throughout each year), has a good friend now her new mom! : )

Euthanized 11 year old cat "Bootsy" at Great Plains SPCA after the cat's health continued to deteriorate due to old age. 

Euthanized senior dog, adopted from an area shelter, who was suffering from severe seizures and neurological issues that couldn't be improved.

Paid for Shepherd puppy to have surgery/sutures at Dearborn Animal Clinic after the pup was attacked by another dog. Dog had a large open wound butting up against his eye. 


Helped dog "Georgie" with exam and testing since dog was lethargic and not eating. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Helped destitute woman get vaccinations, heartworm test and flea/tick meds for her two dogs.

Spayed/neutered five barn cats at Spay & Neuter KC.

Contributed to care for dog "Gabby" whose owner couldn't afford the entire medical bill up front at Blue Pearl. The older, diabetic dog was suffering from many stones that needed to be removed.

Neutered Chihuahua "Carlietteo" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Paid for exam and blood test at Blue Pearl in OPKS on extremely lethargic Chihuahua "Brooser" who might have gotten into toxic substance.

Paid to neuter KCMO Shih Tzu mix. Owner didn't know benefits of neutering prior to our conversation and couldn't afford it.

Got resued cat with upper respiratory infection exam and treatment at Independence Animal Hospital.

Contributed to neurological testing on KC Pet Project foster dog.

Euthanized senior Husky "Snow Bear" at Farview Animal Hospital in Independence. The old dog was really hurting and couldn't get up any longer. The owner couldn't afford it, so asked our help to end her beloved dog's suffering. 

Neutered Yorkie "Jasper" for woman on disability who couldn't afford to do it. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Saw people giving away an already-spayed Chihuahua on Craigslist because they couldn't afford to take the dog to the vet to have ticks removed. Assured the family would take care of the dog (given to them by someone who no longer wanted her), we sent the family to Lifetime Animal Center (in Warrensburg, MO since they'd just moved there). LAC was kind enough to take care of the fleas for no charge! 

Paid to examine, test and treat KCMO pit mix "Tippy," at FMA Animal Hospital, suffering from three very large and painful bladder stones.

Contributed to a surgery at MU on a dog "Longshanks" who needed his liver to be moved after a hernia. 

Had rescued cat examined at FMA Animal Hospital since she stopped eating. All tests done came back normal, but are now waiting on outcome of Feline Leukemia test....

Paid to neuter and vaccinate two dogs "Cane" and "Able" for unemployed, single mother. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Spayed dog "Sheena," owned by a man who got her from a rotten "rescue group" (Forever Friends which is now CLOSED). Owner was told the dog was fixed when he acquired her, but she was not. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Helped 11 year old, spayed cat "Zelda" get treatment for swollen-shut eye. (INDEPENDENCE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Contributed to treatment for Chihuahua puppy "Lovey" suffering from Parvo virus. (BANFIELD)

Euthanized a rescued kitten "Socks" in respiratory failure. (BLUE PEARL)

Euthanized an owned Beagle mix with paralyzed legs. His prognosis was very poor and the vet felt euthanasia was our only option given the animal's level of suffering. 

Sedated and x-rayed dog "Trixie" since she was having difficulties with her back legs for unknown reasons. (KENNEDY'S ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for Cairn Terrier hit by car to be examined. No breaks so dog will recover with some pain medication. (CRYSLER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Agreed to board two Boxer dogs at Country Kennels for a week until rescue is secured. Dogs were at KCMO shelter managed by KC Pet Project, surrendered by their owner who couldn't afford them anymore.

Sedated and x-rayed neutered cat "Squeeker" who was attacked by a dog. Cat had dislocated hip which needed to be put back into place. (BANNISTER VET and LEAWOOD ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Spayed rescued Rottweiler "Lady." (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL).

Spayed pit bull "Vitani." Owner was reluctantly offering Vitani for free on Craigslist since the dog appeared to have a prolapsed uterus. Owner adores her dog, but couldn't afford to fix the problem. We were notified of the situation through social media, reached out to the owner, and found a rescue-friendly vet in her area to perform surgery. All that was ultimately needed was a spay - Nothing was prolapsed- The skin/area was just very inflamed. (JEWELL ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Helping Basset "Princess" get lung and stomach x-rays. Spayed dog may have internal puncture due to chewing on a bone. Owner is having a critical surgery due to a serious heart issue and medical costs have completely depleted funds. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Senior couple found a tiny black kitten with a broken leg in their shrubbery. They're on social security and weren't able to afford care so we are paying fo rthe exam/treatment. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

A Mental Health center reached out to us for help with a patient. The person really needed to vaccinate both of her nine year old, spayed dogs "Daisy" and "Lilly" and provide dental care, but couldn't afford it. (CHIPMAN ROAD ANIMAL CLINIC). 

Did blood test and euthanized a four year old spayed English Mastiff "Sissy." She was suffering tremendously from kidney failure. (VCA MISSION)

Vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested and neutered neglected black Lab "Buddy" who now has a new, loving home thanks to a volunteer's intervention. (NAWS)

Neutered and vaccinated male dog, and vaccinated alread-spayed female and baby. (We couldn't neuter the pup yet since dog is just getting over Parvo virus). (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Chipped in for cat "Athena." Cat had yeast in her blood and needed a transfusion. Will also need to be on medicine for the remainder or her life. (CAVANAUGH PET HOSPITAL)

Spayed/neutered three kittens. (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

Had lump tested on dog "Whinedot." The American Bulldog/Boxer mix was abused, but was taken in by nice people who really love him and noticed the troublesome lump. If it comes back benign, FoKCA will also vaccinate and neuter the dog. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

A man was basically stuck in KC as he attempted to drive back to his home in the Seattle, WA area. He was traveling in his van with three dogs. One of them had Parvo and overcame it, but before we knew that dog had recovered, we reached out to him and offered assistance. We vaccinated the already-spayed adult female dog, and both neutered and vaccinated the adult male. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Found temporary foster for woman's two Maltese dogs as she fleed domestic abuse situation.

Found new home for Husky/Malamute puppy and got him neutered before going to his new home. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA) 

Euthanized very sick cat "Jackie-O." (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Contirbuted to care for cat "Chloe." Disable owner could not afford cat's cancer treatment by herself. (INDEPENDENCE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for surrendered Pointer "Lucy" to have dental work done. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Tested, vaccinated and neutered stray cat found by good samaritan.  (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)


Euthanized very loved, but very ill 13 year old cat suffering from diabetes. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Paid for dog to be seen and vetted who was taken from an physically abusive situation in Gardner, KS. (ARROWHEAD)

A man who rescued a super sweet "pit bull" who had been previously been abused in dog fighting called us for help. His beloved rescue "Koojo" was showing symptoms of Parvo. The man explained he not only wanted to save his dog's life, but wanted to do all of the right things to make the dog a safe and healthy, indoor companion. Fortunately, Koojo didn't end up having Parvo at all, but we did some testing, and vaccinated, microchipped and neutered him. Koojo's dad is a great guy (who we're hoping will start volunteering in "outreach") and we're happy that this dog finally knows love. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for cat "Abbey" to have bloodwork and rabies shot. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

We received a call from a person whose ex was diagnosed with Leukemia, and lost everything including his vehicle and home. His spayed "pit bull" mix "Lyla" had a horrible ear infection and he couldn't afford to take her to the vet. We paid for the dog to be examined, get the ear flushed and get the meds she needed to recover. (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

A gas worker told a rescuer who works in the area that a cat with a serious shoulder injury was hanging out at a particular address in KCMO. The home owners had moved out months ago, leaving the cat to fend for himself outside. The rescuer captured the poor cat named "Puss N Boots" and contacted us for help. The cat was helped and neutered. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Pitched in to neuter Shiba Inu "Smokey" whose owner had the dog listed on Craigslist since he couldn't afford the surgery. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

We were notified through social media of a family whose dog went missing, was picked up by Belton Animal Control and who ended up at Wayside Waifs. Unable to pay the fees to get the dog back, FoKCA paid the fees to spay, vaccinate, microchip and return the dog "Chloe" to her family. The family is struggling greatly due to the fact that their son was born with pulmonary hypertension. His heart is failing and he is in need of surgery. The son was devastated when his dog went missing, but was even more heartbroken knowing the dog had been found, but that they couldn't afford to get her back. We were happy to help this family and Chloe, and to free up a kennel at Wayside Waifs. 

Contributed to a pet deposit for a family who was, otherwise, going to have to surrender their beloved, spayed, rescued mix "Minnie," whom they'd adopted from KC Pet Project. They were in a situation where they had to move quickly and could only gather a portion of the pet deposit quickly enough. The dog was staying at their friend's house for a day while they tried to find help, but this little girl in the photo didn't think she'd get to see her sweet dog again. 

Responded to Craigslist post -Owner's Jack Russell Terrier "Butters" had been attacked by a bigger dog and had a severe laceration near the eye needing sutures. Owner couldn't afford the care up front so we covered it and neutered the dog while at it. (INDEPENDENCE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for exam, bloodwork and fecal for four year old Rottweiler "Obama." Owner is unemployed (for now, since she's a substitute teacher and school hasn't yet resumed). Her dog has had a terrible ear issue (bleeding infection) for eight weeks, and had black stool and vomiting.  (VCA WELBORN)

Contributed to fluids, pains meds and overnight care at for a Jack Russell Terrier "Ogion" hit by a car in Northern KCMO. Will also be helping owner pay to vaccinate and neuter the dog since he's not been able to afford doing so. (ANIMAL EMERGENCY CENTER)

Contributed to leg amputation for "Frog Dog" since dog had a Mast Cell Tumor in his leg that was quickly spreading. (AID ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

A good samaritan found a dog in HORRIBLE shape in Independence, Missouri late on a Friday evening. FoKCA paid for the dog to be taken to the emergency clinic for an exam. It was determined that the very sweet wire-haired terrier/poodle mix was suffering in various ways - She was severely emaciated, covered in hundreds of fleas, had masses on body, had very long toenails, possible mange and was anemic. Given, however, that all of these problems could potentially be fixed with some "TLC," we took a chance and proceeded in giving her the care she was obviously deprived of for so many months. (BLUE PEARL, LEE'S SUMMIT) . . . To be continued......

Neutered, vaccinated and provided exam for homeless cat "Midnight" that a homeless man has been taking care of - Cat stopped eating and hadn't had any prior medical attention that we could tell. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Spayed, vaccinated, dewormed young bully mix "Amy" found in the NE neighborhood. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Provided exam and x-rays for six-month-old pittie "Blackie" found by kids. The kids heard the dog whimpering outside of an abandoned house and noticed the dog's leg was injured. The pup has a fracture, but it doesn't require surgery. At follow up appointment, we'll also neuter and vaccinate the dog. The kids (and mom) have agreed to give this little one a loving home and are pleased since they're already attached!  (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Spayed feral cat "Grace." (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Got Chihuahua dog examined who might have injested a chicken bone. Owner is destitute and has fallen way behind on bills since her longtime roommate's passing last month. (BANNISTER VET CLINIC)


Contributed to tumor removal surgery for dog "Suti Boy." Owner couldn't afford entire amount up front. (THREE TRAILS)

Contributed to emergency c-section and spay for pit bull "Raven."All pups died pre-delivery except for one. Owner didn't mean for this to happen and is grateful her dog will now live. We will make sure pup gets fixed too when old enough. (BANNISTER VET)

Contributed to the removal of a massive bladder stone in dog Bebe. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Euthanized gravely ill cat "Ernie" (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Neutered cats "JJ" and "Junior" and spayed cats "Lyla," "Doris" and "Hilda"(FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for exam for stray dog found by one of our rescue friends. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for German Shepherd puppy to be treated for kennel cough and spay. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Paid for 14 stray cats to be spayed, neutered and vaccinated. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Contributed to Parvo treatment for Australian Shepherd puppy. Owner couldn't afford total amount up front. (WELLBORN)

Paid for puppy infected with Parvo virus to be treated. The little boy "Benny" was left for dead in a park. An employee of Bannister Veterinary Clinic went and got the dog when a passerby came in and told them the dog had been abandoned in front of her. (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

Paid for English Bull Terrier with intestinal blockage to be seen at the ER. "King" was listed on Craigslist as a last resort since his owners couldn't afford x-rays and the care he needed. They were immensely grateful when we agree to front the money for x-rays and treatment, giving them time to repay the debt.  (VCA MISSION)


Spayed and vaccinated rescued dog "Jelly Bean" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Spayed and helped treat heart worms for German Shepherd "Drew" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Examined cat "Scully" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

BeBe, Barbie, JJ (neutered), Junior (neutered) and Lyla (spayed)


Neutered and vaccinated rescued Miniature Pincher "Buddy" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Examined lethargic cat "Baby" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Spayed and vaccinated Boxer "Diamond" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Fronted funds for Parvo treatment for puppy "Zeus" (KC PET PROJECT)

Diagnostic testing for gravely ill cat "Purrsha" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Several spays and neuters for ferals brought in by volunteer trapper (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Spayed and did hematoma surgery on pit bull "Feloni" (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Dental work on cat "Charlie" (FMA)

Neutered cat "Snuggles" (FMA)

Euthanized 15 year old dog who was really suffering. Owners couldn't afford to do it so we helped.  (ANIMED)

Treated ear infection on dog "Paco" (FMA)

Did diagnostics on ill cat "Pewter"  (FMA)

"Cookie"  (FMA)

Spayed cat "Babs"  (FMA)

Spayed/neutered six "high risk" dogs - (Dogs that would have likely reproduced if not fixed)  (BANNISTER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Helped with emergency spay on Llhasa Apso "Jewel" who would have died without it (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for heartworm treatment for dog whose owner was at Rose Brooks Center (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Paid to spay/neuter 13 cats that Spay & Neuter KC trapped. An elderly man called us saying that all of these cats were in his yard and that they could stay, but that he wanted them to be spayed/neutered as not to reproduce. \(SNKC)

Humanely euthanized a very senior Yorkie with a broken leg, severely neglected teeth and a broad skin problem who was thrown into a dumpster. We didn't want to give up on this dog, but after speaking with the vet, we decided it was our only option. (BLUEPEARL - North KC)

Paid for dog "Tassle" to get his broken leg fixed. The dog was found as a stray and although the family wanted to keep him, they couldn't afford the entire amount to fix the leg. (CREST ANIMAL HOSPITAL)


Spayed dog "Oreo" since owner couldn't afford to do so. (BANFIELD)

"Chipotle" was a homeless cat living near Chipotle on 119th St. in OPKS. He is missing an eye and was limping from infected bites on his shoulder/leg from fighting. He is FIV+. Other, older injuries had healed on their own without medical care. The trapper has been working on socializing the cat since we contributed to care and neuter. He has recently been accepted into a sanctuary in Iowa.  (THREE TRAILS ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for vetting of 10 week old stray kitten "Chubbie." (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Euthanized very ill cat whose owner couldn't afford to do so. (INDEPENDENCE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for rescued, pregnant Chihuahua to be examined. (VCA MISSION)

Contributed to an emergency spay for Black Lab. (GLADSTONE ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Helped and spayed Chihuahua "Lucia" who was hit by a car. (BANNISTER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Found foster home for cat whose owner is awaiting his Social Security/Disability to come in. 

Got shots for cat "Anya" after seeing a plea on Craigslist for help. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Helped Wheaton Terrier with seizures get care and neuter. (BANNISTER ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Facilitated reunion of two, altered pit bulls "Bonnie" and "Clyde" at the KCMO shelter with their owner.

Paid for spayed Pomeranian "Foxy" to get vaccinations and dental work done since owner is recently bankrupt and only working part-time so far.  (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Paid for spayed semi-feral cat to get exam and treatment after animal was apparently attacked by another critter. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Contributed to repair of heriated rectum on neutered German Shepherd "Maddox" since owner was recently laid off and was awaiting unemployment. (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Pitched in to remove bladder stones on "Truman" since owners couldn't afford entire fee up front, due to recent catastrophic event that wiped out their funds.  (FMA ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Paid for emergency exam for heartworm positive Mastiff "Milev" who was coughing up blood. (BLUE PEARL)


*Neutered Boston Terrier "Bo"  (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

*Neutered Yorkshire Terrier mix "Dallas"  (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)


*Spayed Great Pyrenees dog "Lightning"  (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)

*Spayed and neutered two Chihuahuas- "Bella" and "Winston"  (BANNISTER VETERINARY CLINIC)


Neutered pit bull "Bebo" and facilitated his return to his owner after he got loose and was picked up at large by KCMO Animal Control.  (KC PET PROJECT)

Vetted homeless cat "Diamond" found in Pleasant Hill area for finder who would give cat a loving home if helped with shots, fix etc. (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Spayed and vaccinated Shih Tsu for owner who couldn't afford the vetting.


Neutered cat "Bengal"  (GREAT PLAINS SPCA)

Contributed to surgery on young, neutered dog "Frankie" to remove cancerous mass. (CAMELOT COURT)

Spayed/neutered two rescued kittens "Peter" and "Tinkerbell" (SPAY & NEUTER KC)

Paid for rescued cat "Lennox" to see vet after cat started urinating blood. (BLUE PEARL)

Paid for small, rescued dog "Dora" to have dental cleaning and extractions since her rescuer/owner is struggling and on fixed income.  (CHIPMAN ROAD ANIMAL HOSPITAL)

Contributing to surgery to repair broken leg on Pomeranian "Stone"- Also paying for dog to be neutered. (CAMELOT COURT)

Helped neutered dog "King" with broken leg since owner couldn't afford to help the pet. 

Working with The Rescue Project and Great Plains SPCA to spay/neuter colony of 26 feral cats who are being abused by neighbors.

Contributed to surgery for Yorkie "Teddy" who was hit by a car. The owner was short a bit so we bridged the gap in funding so the neutered animal could be treated.  (BANFIELD)


( * )  Denotes that the owners intended to breed their pets until clinic talked them out of it and were offered a free spay/neuter surgery. 

From some we've helped....

"Hi! My name is Nicole, and I spoke with FoKCA about my four month old Shepherd/Westie Parvo puppy, Zeus. (I am a low-income collage student who wasn't aniticipating the expense of Parvo treatment for my dog, so I reached out for help). The woman I spoke with said they would front the money for me to take him to KC Pet Project to receive critical care as I was about to put him down due to lack of funds for hospitalization. He's back home and doing so well now! So first of all, I want to say thank you (FoKCA) so much. He's my little buddy and I was devastated thinking of putting him down. Secondly, I made my first donation to you today to repay the favor and will continue to make them when I get money in! Again, thank you thank you thank you. I was packing him up to take him to my farm to put him down when I received a call from you guys and you've saved his life. THANK YOU."  

"I wanted to thank you and Friends of KC Animals again for all of the assistance you provided Jackie-O (and me) during her illness and transition over the Rainbow Bridge. We went to Great Plains SPCA on August 5th and they were wonderful, very gentle and kind. She was very well taken care of by them. I found out later that evening, talking to my sister, that August 5th was the 2nd anniversary of our Mother's death. So, it was a fitting day - My Mom was there to help deliver her when she was born and I was there at the time of her passing, and Mom was there to greet her in Heaven. Thank you so much. Your organization gave me so much help and peace during a time in my life when everything seemed so overwhelming and difficult. You gave me strength and courage, and more importantly, helped me take the best care possible of a wonderful, loving cat who deserved the best. Thanks to you, she received that. God bless you all!" - Tracy

 "I can't thank Friends of KC Animals enough for the help with my Shih Tzu's, 'Alemwah', dental problems. He was running intermittent temperatures, in pain almost all the time and as an elderly, disabled individual on an extremely limited income, there was no way I could afford to have care provided by the Vet, Vet Go Mobile Veterinarian (Dr. Bill Knapper) even though he was reasonable. Your help in getting Alemwah his care has resulted in a very happy boy who is once again playful, exuberant and his general happy self. He lost two teeth but Dr. Knapper was able to save the rest with the cleaning and I was advised that many of Alemwah's respiratory difficulties will also be eased. I guess I thought those were normal for a Shih Tzus. Your kindness and efforts are more than appreciated and my Facebook friends and family were most impressed. I say to you, 'Neewi' (thank you) and I am most grateful." Teresa, KCMO

"I want to thank your organization for helping me when me and my two dogs were essentially left homeless after losing our home in a marital dispute. Friends of KC Animals was there when I had no one else to turn to. I could not stand the thought of taking my puppies to a shelter. When I get back on my feet I will return the favor tenfold. Anyone who loves animals should give Friends support or volunteer your time if you can. Thanks again, your help was greatly appreciated by me and my four legged babies!"    -Bruce, Kansas City

"I had to rush my kitty, Wiley, to the ER because he had labored breathing and kept wheezing. I adopted him and his brother just six months before and noticed they both had some wheezing. When he got there they put on oxygen and said he would have to stay the night. I cried because he looked so bad and I had no money. After making a few inquiries on Facebook, I found Friends of KC Animals. What an amazing organization this is!! They helped with the bill and my Wiley lives because of them : ) Wiley and his brother turned out to have asthma. With inhalers, their asthma is controlled now. Thank you Friends- Without you my kitty may not be here!! Friends of KC Animals has also found wonderful homes for some of my guinea pigs!"     -Nancy, Overland Park

"Friends of KC animals helped when my poor 9 year old Lab/Sharpei wouldn't eat or drink for several days. Friends of KC Animals paid for an emergency room visit, x-rays, and meds that I could not afford. Please help them help others by donating right now. I can't say enough good things about these people. We need them, and they need our support."    -Len, Lee's Summit 

"Friends of KC Animals is the most wonderful group ever. I adopted Ms. Betty Boop in January from KCMO and, well I am low income. I contacted them to help microchip her, and get her heartworm preventative. Without question they referred me to SPAY NEUTER KC where she was microchipped and received a month’s preventative. I am not in good health so we use a tie out to let her outside with me. They ordered one from Petsmart and it was delivered to my door the next day. They are the best ever.

Then she injured her back leg and helped make sure it had no permanent damage via x-rays at Great Plains SPCA. I cannot tell you what a difference they make in this community to the animals and the poor who struggle to care for their pets and do not want to have their beloved pets end up in a shelter because they cannot afford vet care in these very hard times.

I would not have been able to survive some of this without their kind and generous help. Please donate to help them, Cash or Gift Cards. They do so much for the animals here."    -Angelina, KCMO 

I have a male pit bull and a female pit bull at home and had not gotten either fixed as I thought I was capable of keeping them separate during fertility. Wow was that a mistake. Especially since I had an accidental/irresponsible pregnancy a year ago- This second time around, my female, Raven, was unable to deliver the puppies and I was unable to pay for the emergency c-section she needed to save her life. (She couldn't deliver and was becoming toxic from the meconium filled placenta that broke). I laid on the dirty vet floor crying my eyes out with my dog. She was in pain and was going to die and I couldn't do anything for her. 
I was then given the news that Friends of KC Animals was willing to help me pay the portion for surgery that I was unable to, and that they'd spay her while in surgery. It was unimaginable to me that strangers would do such a kind thing so my dog would not die. Raven and one puppy made it through and I honestly could never express in full my gratitude for this organization helping when they didn't have to! I made arrangements to repay them so they can continue to help others. 
I encourage people to learn from my mistake and spay or neuter your animals, as there are so many pets who need to be adopted. Also, if you love your pet, then don't put them in the situation that my precious Raven was in by my irresponsible actions. I also encourage everyone to donate- even if it's $5 or more- so Friends of KC Animals can continue to help animals in need. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT MIGHT BE YOUR PET NEEDING HELP, OR ONE BELONGING TO A FRIEND WITH LIMITED RESOURCES. 
These people at Friends of KC Animals are extremely kind and angels in my eyes. If you need assistance in getting your animal spayed or neutered, please contact them for help, instead of allowing more animals to be born that may likely die in shelters. 
I thank you for reading my story and pray that it makes each of you think of the right and responsible thing to do.   -Brandy



The Friends of KC Animals Board and Advisors: 

Britton Hunter, Hope Westergom, Katie Knapp, Sharon Gartin, Sarah Deters, Sarah Hancock, Stephanie Finkelstein, Debbie Palermo, Jim Bowers, Debbie Duncan, Gail Miskew and Courtney Thomas .