If you have LOST your pet:

Create a free listing and issue a neighborhood "amber alert" through

Create a sign with the animal's PHOTO and your PHONE NUMBER and put it in your yard! People who find a pet will often drive around the neighborhood looking for the owner and/or "Lost" signs. A yard sign is a great way to shorten the process!

Make flyers with animal's description and photo and your phone number.  IMMEDIATELY POST them in your area - Light posts, gas stations, super markets etc.

Create a FREE account on - It's a social media site connecting you to your NEIGHBORS. Once you're on, you can send out a message so that people in your immediate area can respond / help network - 

Contact the lost pet services, all shelters and area rescue groups that might be contacted if a citizen finds your animal. (i.e.  If your dog is a Lab, call Lab rescues as someone may contact THEM for help if they find your dog). Make sure they have your phone number!

Go to all area shelters often (AT LEAST EVERY FOUR DAYS) and take flyers with photos of pet with you to leave behind

Look for PETS LOST in the KCMO area at the KCMO Animal Shelter (4400 Raytown Rd KCMO 64129- Just behind Arrowhead Stadium) as that is where Animal Control takes all animals found in KCMO limits. Visit Great Plains SPCA in Independence, MO if pet is lost in that area. Visit Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, KS if pet is lost in Johnson County area. Visit Wayside Waifs if pet is lost in Grandview area. See other area shelters towards top of this page. 

Put an ad in the newspaper

Use SOCIAL MEDIA:  Post a description and photo on FACEBOOK (including, MYSPACE etc. and have your friends SHARE the message! 

Be sure to post on the FRIENDS OF KC ANIMALS Facebook page as well as KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI LOST & FOUND PAWS page.



Contact all area veterinary clinics. Also contact your own CURRENT vet and ALL PAST VETS in case the animal is somehow traced back to them. Make sure these vets have a reliable way to reach you. 

Enroll in NEXTDOOR.COM (for free) so you can speak to your neighbors online about the pet. 

Tell your postman, neighbors, neighborhood kids

If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company and make sure they have a current phone number for you. *Microchips CAN be defective so don't rely on this alone to help reunite you and your pet.

List your lost pet with:,, , and   There are many other lost pets sites online so take advantage of them ALL!!!!

Call the Lost Dog Registry:  816.333.0020

For tips on likely behavior of lost animals to help you locate your pet, visit: 

Contact EMERGENCY VET CLINICS: If your pet is injuried, someone may take him/her to VSEC 913.642.9563;  VCA Mission (was Mission MedVet)  913.722.5566;   Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center 816.331.3120.

Check's LOST AND FOUND section.


If you have FOUND a pet: 

Be careful! All animals are capable of biting so don't approach an animal unless you are comfortable and trained. You may always call animal control if you are not able to catch the animal. If you are bitten, you may doing more harm to the animal than good. NEVER CHASE AN ANIMAL - You would not want the animal to run into traffic.

Assume the pet is owned and that someone is looking for it. Even if the animal doesn't look well-fed/groomed, it could be owned by someone.

Check pet for tags and/or writing on the animal's collar (both sides). Call every phone number on the tags.

Ask neighbors in the area where you found the animal if the pet looks familiar.

Take to the local vet to scan for microchip.

Contact local animal control (and others in the area) and give them a description of the pet and a way to contact you since the owner of the lost pet may call them.

Contact local vets and emergency vets. Leave a description of the pet and your contact information in case someone calls looking for the pet.

Create a FREE account on - It's a social media site connecting you to your NEIGHBORS. Once you're on, you can send out a message so that people in your immediate area can respond / help network - 

List on,,  LostandPound.comPets911.comPetHarbor.comand under the lost and found section of this site, under the lost and found section of and check all other ONLINE LOST & FOUND PET SITES by doing a Google search. **BUT BEWARE:  We have identified many people on free/trading sites claiming to have lost pets that are NOT the owners!!!! Ask ANYONE CLAIMING TO HAVE LOST A PET to show proof of ownership. (Vet records, vet information so you can call vet to confirm he/she owns the dog AND photos of the pet prior to the animal getting lost). These people claim lost pets and then post/sell the animals on Craigslist as a means to make money. DO NOT GIVE LOST ANIMALS BACK TO "OWNERS" WITHOUT CONFIRMING THEY ARE INDEED THE RIGHTFUL OWNER!!!!

Call the Lost Dog Registry at 816.333.0020

Make flyers and posters with FOUND, the animal's description, a photo and your contact number.

Check LOST listings in local newspapers and those papers' websites.

Use social media like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to post the animal's description and info.

Be sure to post on the FRIENDS OF KC ANIMALS Facebook page as well as KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI LOST & FOUND PAWS page.

If you have taken the pet into your home and are attempting to find the owner, but cannot keep it, contact local NO KILL SHELTERS and get on their waiting lists. Shelters are always full, but they may find space to take the animal while all look for the owner. Rescue Groups too may take the animal.


Keep current ID on your pets. You can buy little padded pockets that attach to dog collars if you don't like to sound metal tags make while your dog is wearing them!

Put " REWARD " on dog tag so people are more inclined to call you when they've found your pet.

MICROCHIP your pet so it's easier to reunite you with your lost pet.

If your pet does NOT have tags, please use a Sharpie marker to write your phone number on your dog's collar so someone can reach you.

LICENSE your pets!! If your pet is found roaming at large, but is wearing its license tag, KCMO Animal Control will call you and BRING YOUR PET HOME for no charge instead of taking him/her to the shelter. You'll also avoid a fine! Finally, funds from licensing go back to the KCMO Animal Shelter ONLY so it's good for other animals and YOURS to pay the minimal $10 license fee each year (or $27 for a three year license).