ALL FUNDS GENERATED FROM PET LICENSING IN KCMO SUPPORT IMPROVED CARE AND TREATMENT OF ANIMALS AT THE KCMO ANIMAL SHELTER. These dollars didn't used to go back to the animals only, but now they do! Being this is the case, we need more KCMO residents to license their animals so that more funds are available to our shelter. Since a pet license costs as little as $10 for the year, we could essentially raise millions of dollars to not only help our city's lost and surrendered animals, but to also fund a NEW animal shelter (which we DESPERATELY NEED).  

The Kansas City Animal Shelter receives many thousands of lost or abandoned animals annually.  Many of the animals are owned pets, but without a license tag, there is no way to contact the owner. One of the most effective ways to reunite a pet with its owner is by wearing a license tag.

Pet owners definitely benefit by licensing:

1) Animals picked up by KCMO Animal Control that are lost, but are wearing license tags, will be taken HOME- The animal will NOT be taken to the shelter if the owner is home and comes to the door to accept his/her lost animal. This "Free Ride Home" program is of great benefit as lost pets will not end up at the pound, exposed to stress, disease etc.

2) Licensing one's pet and keeping the license on his/her collar helps ensure that one will be notified if his/her pet is impounded at the shelter.

3) No shelter fees if the owner is home when the pet is returned; half fees if the owner cannot be located and the pet is reclaimed at the shelter

Chapter 14 of the code of ordinances requires residents to license their dogs, cats and ferrets.
The license fees are as follows:
  • All one-year pet licenses are $10 (altered or unaltered pets)
  • All three-year pet licenses are $27 (altered or unaltered pets)

These are the three ways to license your pet:
  • Come to the City's animal shelter, 4400 Raytown Road
  • Contact your veterinarian, who may be able to sell pet licenses directly - check the list below.
  • Visit Pet Data online.

The following veterinarians already sell KCMO Pet Licenses, but as you'll notice, there are many that are not yet doing so. We need more places to PROMOTE AND SELL pet licensing. If your pet-related business chooses to sell pet licensing, you'll benefit in three ways:

1)  The city maintains a list of licensing locations on As new locations are added, the list is updated monthly.  

2)  Participating businesses receive $2.00 for each license they sell.  

3)  Potentially increasing traffic to your store.

(Businesses selling KCMO Pet Licensing -  Updated:3/23/2012) 
Aid Animal Hospital 
Amity Woods Animal Hospital 
Antioch Dog & Cat Hospital
Animal Clinic of Antioch Annex 
Bannister Veterinary Clinic 
Brookside Animal Clinic
Crossroads Animal Hospital
Crysler Animal Hospital
Foxwood Animal Hospital 4
Hickman Mills Animal Hospital 
Kansas City Cat Clinic
Kansas City Veterinary Care
Kendallwood Animal Clinic 
Martin City Animal Hospital
Northland Mobile Vet Clinic 
Northland Neighborhoods, Inc.
Northside Animal Clinic 
Plaza Animal Clinic
Platte Woods Animal Hospital
Shoal Creek Animal Hospital  
Spay & Neuter Kansas City
Veterinary Center of Liberty
Wayside Waifs Animal Clinic
Willow Hills Animal Clinic

Please help us improve the lives of KC pets by selling pet licenses at your clinic or shop. To request license supplies, please visit the Petdata website at and enter your zip code.  If you have questions about the new ordinance changes, or would like to learn how you can generate $2 for each license tag that you sell, please contact Patrick Egberuare at 816-513-9803.