Friends of KC Animals is not an animal care facility. If you'd like to volunteer with us, we are always looking for people who would like to fundraise on the organization's behalf.


There are, however, many ways to volunteer with animals in local shelters and rescue groups.

Animal shelters depends on compassionate volunteers to give the dogs some freedom each day. Volunteers are needed to walk dogs every day of the year, including holidays, rain or shine. 

Almost every animal welfare organization is in need of volunteers, but two of the biggest No Kill shelters in the KC area that are looking for volunteers are below. If you'd like to volunteer, please see their websites. 

Great Plains SPCA (with locations in Merriam, KS and Independence, MO) 

KC Pet Project (with locations in North KCMO (Zona Rosa), East KCMO (behind Arrowhead Stadium), and Overland Park (in Petco on W. 95th)

2. SOCIALIZE CATS: Felines love personal attention so it's vital that cat-loving volunteers provide it. If you would like to interact with friendly felines please visit or 

3. DRIVE TRANSPORTS: Volunteers work diligently each day to arrange for animals at the shelter to go elsewhere to trusted rescue groups. We depend on volunteers to transport the animals from the KCMO shelter and other KC places to various destinations. Via a small network of drivers, animals find their way to new homes in Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska and more! If you would like to offer assistance as a TRANSPORT DRIVER, OR can help LOAD animals onto transport or UNLOAD AND CLEAN transport kennels, please send your contact information to

4.  RESCUE: We need individuals to help our Rescue Team. Those wishing to volunteer in this capacity would search out and qualify reputable rescue groups so more options exist for placement. The Rescue Team will provide training and communication while you and others on the team work to save lives. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact

5. PHOTOGRAPHY and LISTINGS: With so many animals coming through the KCMO shelter's doors (in particular) each week since it is an "open door" shelter, it's crucial that photos are promptly taken and uploaded to Accurate listings on these sites are necessary in getting the animals adopted. If you would like to volunteer to take photos each week and/or to upload photos and descriptions of dogs and cats to various websites, hence increasing the probability that the animals will be seen and adopted, please contact any local shelter or rescue. 

6. OUTREACH: Outreach teams with Chain of Hope, Spay & Neuter KC, Unleashed Pet Rescue, The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, The Rescue Project and Great Plains SPCA help owners of animals within the urban core to become aware of the crucial needs of their pets. They canvass target areas searching for animals in distress, providing survival supplies (such as food, shelter, water, medical supplies and vet info), provide pet owners information to spay/neuter their animals at low cost, and educate inner city youth groups on responsible pet ownership. Outreach requires volunteers who are diplomatic, street smart and tenacious. If you would like to assist in outreach efforts, please search those groups listed above.

 7. FOSTER:  Fostering is a very generous way to help an animal from a shelter. By welcoming a cat or dog into your home for a temporary stay, you are removing him or her from a stressful environment that quickly takes a toll on the animal’s health. Your personal care at home will greatly improve the cat or dog’s mental AND physical well-being while workers find a forever home for the pet. Although each situation varies, a foster may be needed for a matter of days, or for months until a suitable home is located for the cat or dog. If you are interested in fostering an animal, please reach out to any local shelter or rescue group.

The Mission of the Foster Program:

The foster program's mission is to serve the Kansas City community by providing homeless animals with the care needed to lead a healthy life, and a home where they will thrive. Friends is committed to the idea that involving foster care volunteers in its operations is an essential part to carrying out this mission for the community.

Foster homes allow extra attention and time to pets most in need. Foster care truly saves lives. 

Foster homes provide a vital link between the shelter and the community. 

A successful foster program requires that staff and volunteers work as a team to implement the mission and goals of the shelter.



To become a foster parent, you must

  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older

  • Own your residence or have permission to foster pets from the landlord/homeowner

  • Openly and accurately communicate the foster pet's condition to shelter representatives

  • Actively work to find an adopter or rescue placement for the pet

  • Comply with all state, county and municipal animal regulations and ownership restrictions


Types of Fostering Opportunities 

Friends is looking for the following types of foster homes:

  • Short Term Foster- These foster families generally have the pet for 1-2 weeks at a time or less. The pets entering this program have commitments from a rescue group but need short term placement until the rescue group has room to take them in.
  • Long Term Foster- These foster families commit to the pet they foster until he/she is adopted. We ask that these pets not be returned to the shelter unless there is a true emergency situation. The dogs remain on and interested adopters will be sent to you for information. Fosters follow up with potential adopters and set up meetings with them. This type of foster care asks for a commitment to pursue all potential adoption leads, and to provide a home for the pet until permanent adoption is secured.
  • Medical Foster- Many dogs that come into the shelter are heartworm positive or have other medical problems. These foster families need to administer prescribed medications and care for the pet in accordance with veterinary instructions. This type of foster care is more involved and requires a commitment to returning the dog to health.
  • Momma and babies- Occasionally the shelter gets moms in with their babies- sometimes, just the babies. The shelter is not a place for puppies or kittens. Foster homes are needed to care for puppies/kittens until they are old enough for adoption. This is the most time consuming type of foster care, but also extremely rewarding.

Friends recognizes the tremendous contributions made by foster parents.

We thank you for considering the foster program! Should you choose to participate, thank you for your very selfless commitment. 


Volunteer opportunities at area shelters often include the following:

Dog Walking                                        Assist with assessing incoming animals (medically)

Dog grooming                                      Assisting with behavioral assessments

Socializing Cats                                    Helping with fundraisers                   

Socializing Dogs                                   Planning/Working at offsite adoption events

Assisting the public with adoptions        Follow-up phone calls to adopters

Serving as a foster home                      Data entry including Petfinder

Photography/Videography                     Pet retention efforts